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/ August 30, 2018

Hi Folks
My name is Lucky and I’m a Rescue Dog, my human’s name is Richard, and he found me at the RSPCA in Armidale NSW. I understand, he thought it would be a great idea to drive 7 hours, stay overnight and then drive 7 hours return trip with a vomiting, travel sick puppy.
I came from a litter of 11 Pups, and it was a bit much for my Mum to handle. So I was given to Crystal, an RSPCA Volunteer. Crystal had many of my brothers and sisters, plus a Tom Cat, Tully (my surrogate dog mum) plus chooks and more. I was very happy, but one by one my brothers and sisters went with people who came to look at us. Then in came this big bloke with a beard and Tully barked a lot(Tully doesn’t like men with beards) but soon she liked him, so I felt safe.
I was so scared, I left my friends, my surrogate mum, Crystal and I really didn’t understand what it meant when I was called a Rescue Dog.
It was a long journey, I lost track of time, as I was soo crook.
Finally, we stopped, somehow, I knew, I was home, this bloke they had called Richard seemed worried, that maybe I would run away. Bloody funny right? We just drove for 7 hours, I’m a puppy, got no idea where the hell I am. Yeah right, why not runaway?
Nope, I just wanted to pee everywhere and make sure everyone (you know, other dogs)know, this is my joint (Tully, my surrogate Mum) taught me that, pee here, pee there and I own the space!
Humans are really funny, they think they are smart, the enlightened ones, so why are they servants to we dogs? Philosophical right? Yep we can talk about this matter later.

So, from a metaphysical point of view, I want to ask you readers, why do you think, an otherwise, sensible human sees a puppy’s photo, speaks to a couple of carers and decides it is a good idea to drive for 2 days to get a Rescue Dog from Armidale. And if you think that is weird, why do you think I didn’t run like buggery to escape before he got me in the red carry case?
Of course, if I really knew what I was doing I might have asked that police officer who caught us for speeding, for help. Yep, great idea, “hi officer, I am the dog in this case, living in my own vomit, and this bloke is taking me from my friends and family”. Yeah, I can just imagine that working out!

But I digress, as we left Armidale limits, I was crying, as sadly and plaintively as possible. I could feel him, wondering what to do. I can’t read minds, but I could feel his worry, torment even. I thought maybe, just maybe, he will take me back to Crystal and Tully. So, I poured it on! Yelp yelp, cry cry, that is how I won my place on the feeding pecking order.

But no, he took no notice, in fact, he put his hand in a side mesh window, patting and trying to reassure me, oh, I thought, maybe, he is a friend another Crystal, not really a Tully, but with some of Tully’s grey colouring. (No, dogs are colourblind!) Ok keep thinking that! It’s just a TV ad.

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