Hi! My name is

Lucky O’Neill,

I am a rescue dog and this is my blog.

Never mind that…

Firstly, let me say, English is my third language, first is Dog, second Cat and now I try with English, so please excuse me in advance for any barking errors.

I live with my human, Richard, sometimes he gets me, and sometimes, he needs special coaching in Dog.

The object of this blog is to help the understanding between humans and we, four legged pals. We are selling some tee Shirts that have a “dog” or pet view of things that happen in our relationships with humans. Part of the profit from these shirts go to animal welfare projects.

Importantly, one thing we are encouraging is humans creating their own Tee Shirts, with comments you see in your dog or cat’s eyes. Yes, you know what I mean. All you need to do is fill out the form, upload your pet image and what comment you want attached. Richard and I are getting tees made with each other on them saying, “I’m with Rich” and Rich’s says “I’m with Lucky.

I’m Lucky
Why not join the fun?

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